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Sabtu, 28 September 2013

Kissing For Your Healthy

Kissing.. In addition to making your relationship more intimate, kiss also could make your love partner can being healthy. This is proof !

After marriage, the kiss is no longer a favorite activity to increase intimacy. Couples usually only do such activities as foreplay to increase your sex drive. Though the kiss actually have a lot of benefits, not just to make a couple more affectionate and intimate .From the health side, kissing also has many benefits. This is proof that you can live a healthier because a kiss, as quoted from Readers Digest USA :1. During this kissing is considered as a means of transmission of the virus. But in fact, contained saliva while kissing, is a natural remedy that can address the specific virus. In a study published in the journal Medical Hyphotheses, kiss a woman can enhance immunity of cytomegalovirus. This virus can cause a woman conceived the child suffered blindness or other negative impacts.2. Kissing can maintain the balance of the cardiovascular system. When you kiss your partner for a long time, the heart rate can be increased up to 110 per minute. This could be a good exercise for heart health.3. A kiss can make your weight remains stable or even decreases. This is because, kissing for 5 minutes can burn 12 calories. When compared on a treadmill or jogging session around the complex. Imagine if you do a sex session while continuing to kiss. You will probably burn half the chocolate that you enjoy handheld before.
 4. Kissing can also prevent the production of stress hormones, glucocorticoids. Hormone that causes high blood pressure, muscle weakness and insomnia. Kissing can make you relax naturally. Scientific reports say kissing increases levels of oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes the body, and also increases endorphins, hormones that give you pleasure. Exchanging saliva also been reported to increase dopamine, a hormone that gives a romantic feeling.
 5. Want more toned face? If so, please feel free to kiss more often. With a kiss, more than 30 facial muscles moving so useful for increasing blood flow to the skin and soften the skin.6. After kissing, usually breathing becomes faster. Average after kissing, people would inhale and exhale 60 times in one minute. While under normal circumstances, only 20 times per minute. Inhaling and exhaling more often will prevent many disorders in the lungs.7. When kissing, saliva production more automatic. According to the Dental Health Magazine, acid contained in the saliva would be a good protector for your teeth.8. Kissing is more than 3 minutes will stimulate the body to produce chemicals that will destroy the chain of causes of stress hormone.

9. Kissing helps you choose the best man. How is it possible? Anthropologist Helen Fisher describes the kiss as "assessment tool man". Most of the outer layer of the brain is able to capture the sensation around the lips, cheeks, tongue, and nose. A total of 5 of the 12 cranial nerves retrieve data from around the mouth, for the most sensitive feeling, whether it be by way of taste, smell, and touch. When you kiss someone, you can not see, feel and listen to her feelings? So, kissing is not just a kiss. Kissing, according to Fisher, is an "ad" in-depth about who you are, what you want, and what you can give.
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